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BonBon by Tainted-Scribbles BonBon by Tainted-Scribbles
Name: Bonni Montanye (but you can call her Bonbon if you want)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Weight and Height: Tall and average

Date of Birth: November 10th

Orientation: Straight (as far as I know lol)

Class: Freshman

Weapon: They have a wand I'm told it can do six things - need help w/ this - non't know whats "nornal" for this genra

Personality: She is sweet and trys to stay positive no mater what is going on. When something is bugging her she trys to hide it. She's not an open book and only revels her self to close friends. When hurt or upset she'll most likely try to make a joke but it's not out of disrespect for the situation- it's a coping mechanism.

-She likes girly things like skirts, ribbons and lace. She loves sweets and hair bows and boots.
-She has a thing for piercings too both on herself and on others.
-She doesn't have any tattoos but she thinks there pretty cool too although is too indecisive to get one because she's sure she'll hate it two weeks later.
-She loves to sing but really sucks at it.

-Nosy people for one. She believes her business is her own and one of the few ways you can make her mad is to pry.
-ungrateful people. She has no parents so when she hears people bad mouthing theirs for no good reason it makes her both mad and sad.
-Cooking. Mainly because she sucks at it.

-Bonbon's mother was in a car accident when she was pregnant with her. She didn't make it but her daughter did.
-One day when she was eight Bonnie and her book - nerd of a father took a walk deep in the woods. They ended up being attacked by a bear. Her father tried to fight it off telling her to run. She ran away but crept back to check on him. He was badly wounded and told her to run into town for help. It took hours to get there and back for the little girl and by the time they made there way back to the brave man he was dead.
- She was passed around from relative to relative after that, some good , some bad but none keeping her for long.
-Two years ago when she was fourteen she moved in with her Aunt- her mothers sister. This woman was cool. She didn't treat her like a problem, she seemed genuinely happy to have Bonnie. She pierced her ears, taught her how to do her make up and streak her hair and bought her wicked clothes.
-A month ago she was walking home from school when she found a dog attacking a cat. She freaked out and went after the dog, beating him with a trash can until he took off than she set down crying, all the memory's of her father and the bear seeming to hit her at once when she looked at the battered, bloodied little cat. She picked it up, holding it close and wishing it would live.
-Much to her shock her stuffed rabbit from her child hood appeared before her, healing the kitten and giving her something called a soul gem which gave her mystic powers. told her he was created by magic to guard her and teach her.
-When she shows her Aunt her new powers her aunt transforms showing her hers and telling her maybe they should send her away to the same school she trained at. After many tears and hugs they agreed

-her pet is the stuffed bunny that came to life
-She has five piercing in each ear- all done by her aunt.
-She just got her belly button done the day before leaving for the school. It's still tender and she will smack your hand if you try to touch it.
-the streaks in her hair are blond when she's not in magical form- they change when her outfit does

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Nut-Berries Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
She looks really good!!
LupinusBellator Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Josen: *This should be interesting...*
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